The farm’s history since 1262

The history of Gurschlhof

The farm’s history since 1262

Gurschlhof was mentioned in a document for the first time in 1262. Since 1669 there were three farms/buildings: Obergurschl, Untergurschl, and Schadelmanngütel. In 1910 a fire destroyed both working quarters. Both farms were sold, and instead, new working quarters were erected. The owners of Gurschlhof have always been forward-thinking persons. So, in 1913 Schnalstal’s first electric power station was built as part of Gurschlhof. In1916 the farm was purchased by Sepp’s grandfather, and ever since it has been owned by the Götsch family.

Maria Spechtenhauser and Alois Götsch

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