Pure nature in Schnalstal


The farm consists of a residential building built in 1699 including the apartment, the working quarters with cowshed and barn, and today’s holiday home (originally built in 1710) containing an old mill and a sheepfold.

Gurschlhof is situated at an elevation of 1659 m on the sunny side of Schnalstal. Currently the farm keeps 30 cattle, 160 sheep, 5 pigs raised for one season only. Gurschlhof owns a mountain pasture at about 2.000 m above sea level. During the vegetation period, there are also animals owned by other farmers.

The farm always requires work to be done: Starting with the fertilizing of the pastures, sheep shearing in spring, harvesting and gardening in summer, bringing down the cattle from the mountain pastures, assisting at a birth (sheep) in autumn, followed by forestry work in winter. You will certainly witness some of these activities while staying with us at the farm. You will also experience the feeling of deep closeness to agriculture, above all, should you see little animals. We look forward to your interest in the activities at our farm. After a prior agreement plus being told about potential dangers, your assistance concerning working at the farm is possible.

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