Hose size and connectivity typically make them more susceptible to damage and compromise their capacity to self-repair, although this is not the case in neurapraxia. [2] microscopic evidence has shown that there is damage to the myelin sheath, but not to the axon. Therefore, distal nerve fibers do not degenerate and the myelin damage can be repaired. buy viagra [edit] order of pathology the order of pathology within the first 24 hours after injury follows a general pattern of nerve injury. viagra for everyday use The first physical manifestation of the injury is focal swelling adjacent to the site of the injury. [3] in the cellular dimension, a fragmentation of neurotubules and neurofilaments occurs as a result of pressure exerted on the nerve. [3] axons swell at some sites and are compressed at others, leading to a beaded appearance. side effects of viagra in women [3] [edit] symptoms a variety of nerve types can be subjected to neurapraxia and therefore symptoms of the injury range in degree and intensity. Common symptoms of neurapraxia are disturbances in sensation, weakness of muscle, vasomotor and sudomotor paralysis in the region of the affected nerve or nerves, and abnormal sensitivity of the nerve at the point of injury. [4] it has been observed that subjective sensory symptoms include numbness, tingling, and burning sensations at the site of the injury. viagra from canada Objective sensory symptoms are generally minimal in regards to touch, pain, heat, and cold. best place buy viagra online reviews [4] in cases of motor neuron neurapraxia, symptoms consist of flaccid paralysis of the muscles innervated by the injured nerve or nerves. [3] symptoms are most often transient and only last for a short period of time immediately following the injury. buy viagra cheap However, in rare but severe cases of neurapraxia, symptoms can persist for weeks or months at a time. order viagra [1] [edit] causes the cause of neurapraxia is a neural lesion which causes a temporary block of nerve conduction without transection of the axon. generic viagra india 100 mg A conduction block is classified as a 40% reduction in action potential amplitude over a short distance on the nerve, or a 50% reduction for a longer distance on the nerve. viagra for sale [5] in neurapraxia, stimulation to the injured nerve results in a greater reduction in the action potential amplitude on the proximal site of the injury as opposed to the distal site. viagra kaufen deutschland [5] [edit] mechanisms of injury there are several mechanisms of nerve injury including mechanical lesions, ischemia, immunologic attack, metabolic disorder, toxic agents, and exposure to radiation. [6] the most common mechanism of injury is nerve compression in which external pressure causes decreased b.


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